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I work across media, from painting to Installation, in service of commenting on and reframing issues which are important to me, from social and historical injustices to ecological concerns which currently confront us. My approach is more poetic than didactic, and I think that taking the discourse to the deeper level of poetry and symbol can allow different views of reality to filter through the settled preconceptions we embrace.

  A quintessential aspect of my work  has to do with a deep appreciation of the mystery embodied in the beauty and what I perceive as the sacredness of this planet. My work encompasses ecological concerns expressed through a lens which may be subtly  surrealistic, or employ ancient mythic figures which have historically expressed the assumption that we humans are intrinsically interrelated with the natural world. 


Teresa Mill works to address issues of social, ecological and historical injustices, through a sensibility imbued with a sense of poetic transcendence.

Mill’s reaction to these injustices and suffering partly stems from her own early disorienting and traumatic experiences when her mother died, leaving her orphaned as a twelve-year-old. Beginning to do art a few years later helped her to develop a resilience to cope with these difficult circumstances. Realizing the capacity of artmaking to help young people cope with stresses and traumatic situations, Mill has engaged in teaching art to children, youth, and homeless women.

In response to her strong convictions regarding equity and social justice, Mill has been engaged with diverse communities in Los Angeles and San Diego, creating graphic designs for the American Indian Movement in Los Angeles and American Indian Health Center in San Diego and assisting in refurbishing murals at the Centro Cultural de la Raza and painting murals in San Diego and Los Angeles.                                                                             

Being interested in figurative and socially conscious work, Mill was influenced by the work of the Mexican muralists, as well as Symbolists like Paul Gauguin, her mentor Eduardo Carrillo, and artists who explored a more personal realm such as Frida Kahlo. She has travelled in Mexico extensively, painting on site in Chiapas, Quintana Roo and Baja California, as well as showing paintings and conceiving and completing Installations at The CECUT and the Casas de la Cultura in Tijuana and Mexicali, Mexico. She has also shown and done Installations elsewhere in the U.S. and in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

She has recently been working on a series of works having to do with the migrant crises, including the recent cases of family separations of asylum seekers in the U.S.


2022 Annual Show and Auction, Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, CA.   

2021 "Sowing Seeds of Universal Language" Juried Group Exhibit. Mesa College, San Diego, CA. 

2021 "Dia de los Muertos Altar Show, Centro Cultural de la Raza, San Diego, CA. 

2021 Longitude/Latitude 8, Dhaka, Bangladesh, online one-person show of The Green Man Series. 

2020 #Whats Next for Earth, Limets Art Call. Online group exhibition.

2019 Sophie's Gallery, San Diego, CA. Installation, Green Man Series, as part of show by Mira! women's  artist group.

2018 Lakeside Library, Lakeside, CA. One-person show, "The Green Man Returns/ He Never Left".

2018 Sophie's Gallery. One person show in The Other Space

of paintings addressing ecological crises from a mythic perspective.  

2017 Lafayette Hotel, San Diego, CA. "We Are All Migrants" Installation as part of group show "The Waiting Room 

as part of Hotels/ Motels Arts Festival. 

2016 Athenaeum Annual Juried Show, The Athenaeum Arts Library, La Jolla, CA. "Refugee Life Jacket"

2015 Atva Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh. "The News From Dreams", One-person show of Linoleum block prints, as part of Longitude/ Latitude 6 Arts Festival.  

2014 Southwestern College Art Gallery. "Traces Remain" Installation, as part of Migrant Labor Gulf, an international protest by artists against maltreatment of migrant workers, Abu Dhabi.     

2013 The Next Door Gallery, San Diego. One-person show. Installation addressing migration on a micro and macro level, from gentrification and housing insecurity to refugee crises. 

2012 Beauty Boarding Hotel, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Installation: "the Post Office Is Closed", as part of Longitude/ Latitude 4.